BKNIX provide well-known BGP Community for Blackholing in Route Server.
BGP Community Description
65535:666 Blackhole
Please see RFC 7999 “BLACKHOLE Community” for more detail.

Currently we offer the following options:

  • Blackhole route must be marked with community 65535:666
  • Size of Blackhole route should specific as /32 for IPv4 and /128 for IPv6 only.
  • Advertising Blackhole route to certain BGP neighbors respecting BGP community filtering described on this page.

Config guide
router bgp (your AS)
address-family ipv4
  network your.own.ip.address mask route-map bknix-rs-rtbh
route-map bknix-rs-rtbh permit 10
 set community 65535:666	#In order to announce to specific peers, you can add other communities defined in this section.
ip route your.own.ip.address Null0	#Because BGP will not announce prefix doesn't exist in your routing table

21 July 2021 | Posted by Admin

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